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Business Words Beginning With C :

Cost and Freight : the price quoted is freight paid to destination but not insured

Call Loan : Money loaned payable on call or demand : Such loans are secured by securities as can be readily sold if the money is not paid. The limit allowed for payment before selling the securities is twenty-four hours

Cash Discount : a discount allowed for payment of a debt an advance

Caveat Emptor : It is a Latin phrase which means LET THE BUYER BEWARE. In other words, all risks lie with the buyer except what constitutes fraud and certain implied warranties. It is sometimes used as an opposite of CAVEAT VENDITOR.

Caveat Venditor : it is a Latin phrase which means LET THE SELLER BEWARE. It is sometimes used as an opposite of CAVEAT EMPTOR.

Closing Price : The price at which the last sale on an organized market is on a particular day

Common Carrier : A transportation agency operating under a certificate from the government which requires the carrier to serve all the people

Common Law : Usages and customs which have come to be sanctioned precedents, but are not reduced to codes

Consignment : A form of bailment in which one party sends goods to another party for sale

Contract : Acceptance of agreement : An agreement between two or more parties for a legal purpose and supported by consideration

Credit : Ability to secure goods and services in the present against the promise to pay for them in the future

Credit Bill : A bill of exchange where the debtor has arranged in advance for credit with the drawee

Creditor : One to whom some debt is owed by another

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