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Business Words Beginning With I :

Imports : Commodities or services brought from foreign countries

Impost : A tax particularly used to describe import duties

Indemnity : Security against damages or loss

Indorsee : One to whom an instrument is transferred by endorsement

Indorser : Refers to one who has put his name on the negotiable paper in order to transfer title (ownership) from himself to another or to guarantee payment

Inland Bill : A bill of exchange drawn and payable within the country

Insolvent : One who cannot pay debt

Interest Bond : A bond issued in payment of interest on other bonds because of a shortage of cash to pay the interest

Interim Bond : A temporary certificate which is replaced by a permanent bond at a later date

Invalid Note : When a promissory note is obtained by misrepresentation under there or for illegal gratification such as gambling, bribery, etc. the note becomes invalid

Invoice : A business form showing the items shipped and charges therefore sent by the seller at the time of shipment

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