Busy As A Bee

Busy As A Bee :

Busy As A Beaver :

If you are as busy as a beaver, you are very busy indeed.

Busy As A Bee :

If you are as busy as a bee, you are busy indeed.

Butt Naked :

If someone is butt naked, they have no clothes on at all often when they can be seen.

Butt of A Joke :

If something or some becomes the butt of a joke it or they are not taken seriously anymore.

Butter Would Not Melt in Their Mouth. :

If someone looks as if butter would not melt in their mouth, they look very innocent.

Butter-Fingers :

Someone who has butter-fingers is clumsy and drops things.

Butterflies in You Stomach :

The nervous feeling before something important or stressful is known as butterflies in your stomach.

Button Your Lip :

If you button your lip, you keep quiet and do not speak. It is also used as a way of telling someone to shout up.

But The Farm :

When somebody has bought the farm, they have died.

By A Hair’s Breadth :

If a person escapes from some danger by a hair’s breadth, they only just managed to avoid it. The breadth is the thickness of a hair so they probably feel somewhat lucky because the margin between success and what could easily have been failure was so close.

By A Long Chalk :

If you beat somebody by a long chalk, you win comfortably and easily.

By and By :

Slowly and gradually

  • The newcomer will become acquainted with the state of affairs in our office by and by.

    Busy As A Bee
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