Carrot and Stick

Carrot and Stick :

Cannot Back It :

Unable to perform an act, duty or a job

  • I have to quit my job as a computer technician. Because, I cannot back it.

    Cannot Hold A Candle :

    If something cannot hold a candle to something else, it is much worse.

    Cannot See The Forest for Its Trees :

    If someone cannot see the forest for its trees, they are too focused on specific details to see the picture as a whole.

    Canary in Coal Mine :

    A canary in a coal mine is an early warning of danger.

    Capital Punishment :

    Death sentence

  • The doctor who killed innocent children to procure kidneys for transplantation was sentenced to capital punishment.

    Card Up Your Sleeve :

    If you have a card up your sleeve, you have a surprise plan or idea that you are keeping back until the is right.

    Carpetbagger :

    A Carpetbagger is an opportunist without any scruples or ethics or a politician who wants to represent a place they have no connection with.

    Carrot and Stick :

    If someone offers a carrot and stick, they offer an incentive to do something combined with the threat of punishment.

    Carry The Can :

    If you carry the can, you take the blame for something even though you did not do it or are only partly at fault.

    Case By Case :

    If things are done case by case, each situation or issue is handled separately on its own merits and demerits.

    Case In Point :

    Meaning an instance of something has just occurred that was previously discussed.

    A person may have told another that something always happens. Later that day, they see it happening and the informer might say, ‘case in point’.

    Cash In Your Chip :

    If you cash in your chips, you sell something to get what profit you can because you think its value is going to fall.

    Carrot and Stick
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