Chip Off The Old Block

Chip Off The Old Block :

Chew The Fat :

If you chew the fat with someone, you talk at leisure with them.

Chicken-Feed :

If something is small or unimportant, especially money, it is chickenfeed.

Chicken-Hearted :

Meek, cowardly

  • My friend was a chicken-hearted fellow hence he decided against scuba diving.

    Child’s Play :

    If something is child’s play, it is very easy and simple

    An easy job

  • What is there in writing an article on society? It is child’ play.

    Chinese Walls :

    Chinese walls are regulatory information barriers that aim to stop the flow of information that could be misused especially in financial corporations.

    Chinese Whispers :

    When a story is told form person to person, especially if it is gossip or scandal, it inevitably gets distorted and exaggerated. This process is called Chinese whispers.

    Chip Off The Old Block :

    If someone is a chip off the old bock, they closely resemble one or both of the parents in character.

  • Ram and Balan are chip of the old block.

    Chip on Your Shoulder :

    If someone has a chip on their shoulder, they are resentful about something and feel that they have been treated badly.

    Chop and Change :

    If things chop and change, they keep changing often unexpectedly.

  • Mena often grumbles that everything she does undergo chop and change.

    Cigarette Paper :

    If you cannot get or put a cigarette paper between people, they are so closely bonded that nothing will separate them or their positions on issues.

    Circle The Wagons :

    If you circle the wagons, you stop communicating with people who do not think the same way as you do to avoid their ideas. It can also mean to bring everyone together to defend a group against an attack.

    Circling The Drain :

    If someone is circling the drain, they are very near death and have little time to live. This phrase can also describe a project or plan or campaign that is on the brink of failure.

    Chip Off The Old Block
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