Close The Stable Door After The Horse Has Bolted

Close The Stable Door After The Horse Has Bolted :

Climb On The Bandwagon :

When people climb on the bandwagon they do something because it is popular and everyone else is doing it.

Climb The Greasy Pole :

Advance within an organisation especially in politics.

Cling To Hope :

If people cling to hope, they continue to hope though the chances of success are very small.

Close At Hand :

It something is close at hand, it is nearby or conveniently located.

Close But No Cigar :

If you are close but no cigar, you are close to success, but have not got there.

Close Call :

If the result of something is a close call, it is almost impossible to distinguish between the parties involved and to say who has won or whatever.

It can also mean that you very nearly have a serious accident or get into trouble.

Close On The Heels :

When you say that something came close on the heels of something else, you mean that it came soon after or immediately after.

  • Balaji and Sanky bought a new house close on the heels of their wedding.

    Close Shave :

    If you have a close shave, you very nearly have a serious accident or get into trouble.

  • Rani had a close shave on the highway when her two wheeler was grazed by a speeding truck.

    Close The Stable Door After The Horse Has Bolted :

    If people try to fix something after the problem has occurred, they are trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted.

    Close To Your Heart :

    If something is close to your heart, you care a lot about it.

    Closed Book To :

    If a subject is a closed book to you, it is something that you do not understand or know anything about.

    Cloth Ears :

    If you do not listen to people, they may suggest you have cloth ears.

    Close The Stable Door After The Horse Has Bolted
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