Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey :

Cold Day in Bell :

This is used as a prediction. There is no change some event or condition will ever happen.

  • There will be a cold day in hell before he manages it.

    Cold Feet :

    If you get cold feet about something, you lose the courage to do it.

  • Rani is in love with Sesha for two years. But she gets cold feet to disclose it to her parents.

    Cold Fish :

  • A cold fish is a person who does not show how they feel.

    Cold Light of Day :

    If you see things in the cold light of day, you see them as they really are, not as you might want them to be.

    Cold Shoulder :

    If you give or show someone the cold shoulder, you are deliberately unfriendly and uncooperative towards them.

    Cold Sweat :

    If something brings you out in a cold sweat, it frightens you a lot.

    Cold Turkey :

    If someone suddenly stops taking drugs, instead of slowly cutting down, they do cold turkey.

    Colder Than A Witches Tit :

    If it is colder than a witches tit, it is extremely cold outside.

    Collateral Damage :

    Accidental or unintended damage or casualties are collateral damage.

    Collect Dust :

    If something is collecting dust, it is not being used any more.

  • Sudan’s cycle is collecting dust since he has bought a new motorbike.

    Colour Bar :

    Rules that restrict access on the basis of race or ethnicity are a colour bar.

    Come A Cropper :

    Someone whose actions or lifestyle will inevitable result in troubles IS going to come a cropper.

    Cold Turkey
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