Collection Correspondence

Collection Correspondence :

BEYOND the second letter in either case sales talk is worse than wasted.

Not only is the customer who fails to notice two such requests worthless for future business, but a drawn out letter robs the request of urgency.

The third in the series therefore should be strictly a collection letter and should crystallize matters by setting a definite date on which settlement must be made.

Here is a good form, for instance.

“You have entirely ignored our two previous requests for payment of your overdue account.

We are consequently compelled to believe that you are purposely neglecting settlement.

“We must now insist upon this account being paid by _________.”

MANY firms do not turn accounts over to an attorney until a collection agency has tried its methods on the debtor and failed.

But if you do write a man that you will go to court, by all means, do it.

In other words never put a threat into a collection letter that you do not intend to back up.

Any debtor, who doesn’t make at least an effort to settle after three requests, should be handled without mincing matters.

Collection Correspondence