Collection Correspondence

Collection Correspondence :

THERE are many instances of course, in which neither the “cash up” nor the court is feasible, because the amount remaining due is so small that it will not warrant the cost of either. In such cases, clever, personal appeal may do the business.

Supposing of course that the debt is a just one, there is still a chance to touch the man’s sense of respect for the square deal.

Remember always that most men want to pay their debts, and do not consider any man dishonest until he has proven himself so.

Do not resort to threats or severity until conditions absolutely demand them.

The debtor who has been harried and aggravated by the ordinary “give me my money” letter will have a pleasant surprise if you first show him a personal understanding of his case.

And your cordial willingness to be reasonable will get your money while the man who flies to early threats waits for his.

Collection Correspondence