Competency Based Interview

Competency Based Interview :

Read Interview Books.

Reading interview books will give you that extra self-confidence you need to appear calm at the interview and anticipate some of the more common questions. By eliminating most of the shock value of the interview and feeling you are armed with answers to most questions that can come your way you will feel much more relaxed, comfortable and in control of the interview.

Practice and Prepare.

Once you can see yourself as a vital piece of the puzzle by virtue of the unique skills, attributes and value-added you bring to the specific role, you can tailor the answers to all interview questions accordingly. Practice your answers bearing in mind at all times what the employer is looking for based on your research activities and keep repeating and fine-tuning your answers till you have perfected both the content and delivery. Ask someone you trust to assume the role of the interviewer and aim to perfect the answers to all the common (and any anticipated uncommon) questions you are likely to come across in the interview.

Don't dwell on your mistakes.

Remind yourself that everyone is fallible and that should you stumble or falter with a particularly difficult question, you can quickly recover. The secret is not to make a big issue out of a bad or outright wrong answer but to quickly take stock of what went wrong, regain composure, take remedial action if possible then refocus and move on to the next question. Keep a professional front at all times and don't let yourself get mired in any interview traps or potentially harmful comments you may inadvertently have made. It helps immensely to remember that flexibility will win the day and that should you inadvertently slip, you have the wit and intelligence to make it up with wellrehearsed, honest, sincere, exemplary answers to other interview questions.


Laughter is the closest distance between any two people and a good smile (a close relative to laughter) can melt many a concrete professional heart. Aside from endearing you to the interviewer, showing you are pleasant and breaking the ice, a polite smile will actually make you feel happier and will lift your spirits. Aim to smile as sincerely and as often as is possible during the interview and watch how your mood and temperament lighten up and the interview takes on a more positive light.

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