Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications :

Communication in the corporate world is the core issue which should be dealt with in a careful and delicate manner failing which the reputation and market may go crumbled. This page contains materials to know the intricacies and the nuances of corporate communications. By learning those aspects, any one can become a master of the art f communications. The following questions can be addressed with the help of the sample-letters which you can find below.

What constitute Corporate Communications?

What are the fine features of Corporate Communications?

How to promote industry safety?

How to enhance communication skills?How to cut cost and save?

How to salvage rejection?

How to plan and execute your plan to give your company a winning edge?

How to anticipate troubles?

How to get rid of your competitors?

How to impress your customers with your improved Quality Systems?

How to motivate your marketing team to meet your demands?

How to safeguard the interest of your company?

  1. Letter for Special Permission on Lord Ganesh Chaturthi
  2. Letter for Ayudha Pooja Celebrations
  3. Letter Welcoming The Newcomer
  4. Notice for Free Eye Camp
  5. Letter of Farewell to Retiring Employee
  6. Letter Notifying Emission Test in The Company Campus
  7. Letter Notifying List of Holidays for The Year 2009
  8. Letter Notifying 3 Day Tour to Ooty
  9. Letter Notifying Departmental Changes
  10. Letter Notifying Additional Responsibility
  11. Obituary Note
  12. Notification to Start In-House Magazine
  13. Letter Requesting A Room in The Guest House of The Company
  14. Letter Notifying Annual Day Celebration
  15. Letter Notifying A Get-Together
  16. Letter Serving Snacks in The Evening
  17. Letter Asking The Employee to Fill Up Form
  18. Salary Certificate
  19. Letter Notifying A Visit by The Company CMD
  20. Letter Warning to Erring Employees
  21. Letter Prohibiting Money Transaction by Employees
  22. Notice About API Audit Check
  23. Notice Asking for Calibration of Gauges
  24. Notice Notifying Internal Audit
  25. Notice about Visit of Central Coordinator for External Inspection
  26. Notice for Vendor Development
  27. Notice Intimating Non-Availability of Drawing and Process Sheet
  28. Letter to Require Format for Test Section
  29. Letter of Request for External Inspection
  30. Letter for Salvaging Rejection
  31. Letter Requesting Meeting to Discuss Export Order
  32. Notice to Ask for Deviation
  33. Letter Appointing Aged People
  34. Letter Notifying Quality Violation by Vendor
  35. Notice Notifying EIL Approved Vendors
  36. Notice Reducing Man-Power
  37. Notice for Preserving Tools and Gauges
  38. Notice Notifying Renovation of Elevator
  39. Notice Notifying Mailing Facility
  40. Notice Notifying about Availability of Conveyance of Company
  41. Notice Asking to Follow Fire Safety Measures
  42. Notice Demanding Lodging Police Complaint
  43. Notice Demanding Curtailing Unnecessary Expenditure
  44. Notice Demanding Cleanliness
  45. Notice with Requirement of Space in The Shop Floor
  46. Notice Informing about Printing of Formats
  47. Notice to Provide Security
  48. Notice Asking for Photo for ID Card
  49. Letter Demanding Police Protection during Strike
  50. Notice Cautioning The Employees
  51. Letter to Book Room in Hotel for Interview
  52. Notice About Vehicle Parking
  53. Letter for Bulk Booking in Railways
  54. Letter of Request for Police Escorts
  55. Notice About Snake Menace
  56. Notice About Mode of Transport to Guest House
  57. Notice About Travel Facility
  58. Note to Expedite Work Order
  59. Note to Procure Material and Spares
  60. Note to Conduct Fire Safety Test
  61. Letter of Invitation for Meeting with All The Distributors
  62. Letter with Minutes of The Meeting
  63. Letter Asking for Deviation
  64. Customer Complaint
  65. Letter Pointing Out Wrong Dispatch of Materials
  66. Letter of Enquiry
  67. Letter of Response to Customer Complaint
  68. Letter Acknowledging An Enquiry
  69. Letter Highlighting A Glaring Lapse
  70. Letter of Invitation to Participate in Book Fair
  71. Response to The Letter of Enquiry
  72. Letter for Distributorship
  73. Letter from Book Publisher to Distributor
  74. Letter from Flat Promoter to A Buyer
  75. Letter of Order for Bulk Supply
  76. Letter Notifying The Expiration of Subscription
  77. Informal Letter
  78. Letter Asking for Banking Facility for Employees
  79. Letter Demanding PAN Cards for Tax Payers
  80. Letter Granting Credit
  81. Letter Enquiring into The Credit Application
  82. Positive Response About A Credit Seeker
  83. Negative Response About A Credit Seeker
  84. Letter Reminding Pending Payment
  85. Letter of Reminder of Pending Payment
  86. Third Letter of Reminder of Pending Payment
  87. Letter with Terms and Conditions for Stockists and Distributors
  88. Letter Pointing Out Excess Billing
  89. Letter of Introduction
  90. Complaint Letter about Spurious Product
  91. Letter to Probe The Case of Spurious Product
  92. Letter Intimating About Car Exchange Mela
  93. Letter Against Domestic Help Provider
  94. Congratulatory Letter to Customer
  95. Letter Informing Customer about Arrival of Unique Sports Goods
  96. Letter Marketing An Insurance Policy
  97. Letter Informing Customer about Installation of Fool Proof System
  98. Letter to All Marketing Executives
  99. Greetings
  100. NCR Model Format
  101. Weekly Inspection Schedule
  102. Items Ready for Inspection
  103. Third Party Inspection Progress Report

Corporate Communications

Letter Asking A Donation
Letter Asking A Favor
Letter Asking for More Details
Letter Asking for Donations
Letter Denying of Dealership
Letter for Change of Address
Letter for Distributorship
Letter for Employment
Letter for Hotel Reservation
Letter for Letter of Credit
Letter for Line of Credit
Letter for Product Launch
Letter for Promotion
Letter for Retirement Congrats
Letter for Scholarship
Letter for Settlement of Bill
Letter for Tender
Letter for Testimonial
Letter of Agreement
Letter of Assurance
Letter of Credit
Letter of Enquiry
Letter of Order
Letter of Persuasion
Letter of Sympathy
Letter Offering Discount
Letter Related to Advertisement
Letter Related to Despatch
Letter Related to Training
Letter to A Foreign Buyer
Letter to Pen-Friend
Letter to Police
Letter with Order
Letter with Quotation
Letter Writing
Letters about Company Shares
Letters by Clubs and Societies
Letters by Landlords & Tenants
Letters for Appointment of Dealers
Letters for Business Relations
Letters for Buying and Selling
Letters for Credit & Collection
Letters for Foreign Travel
Letters for Lease & Tenancy
Letters for Loan & Borrowing
Letters for Transfer & Assignment
Letters for Insurance
Letters Noting Discrepancy
Letters of Condolence & Sorrow
Letters of Regret
Letters Regarding Maintenance
Letters Regarding Payment
Letters Related to Employees
Letters to Local Corporation
Letters to Postal Authorities
Letters to The Editor
Letters Used in Real Estate
Letters With Postal Department
Letters With Railways Authorities

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