Cover Letters for Job

Cover Letters for Job :

Know the employer

Research the employer’s organization to see how your experience, skills, and abilities meet its needs.

In your cover letter, show why you are a good fit. Send the letter to a specific person whenever possible.

Otherwise, use “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Members of the Selection Committee.”

Analyze the job description

Review the job responsibilities and qualifications carefully and design your cover letter to match these as much as possible.

Sometimes job listings are vague.

In these cases, draw from your experience of similar jobs to infer what skills and abilities might be required or research similar positions online.

Analyze your background

Think about your background in relation to the job responsibilities and qualifications.

Ask yourself, “What have I done that is similar to what this job entails?”

Consider courses taken, classroom projects, work experience, summer jobs, internships, volunteer experience, extracurricular involvement and travel.

Be sure to indicate in the first paragraph what position you’re seeking.

If a specific person recommended you for or alerted you about the position, include their name and title up front.

For example “Jason Ryner, your Marketing Manager, recommended that I apply for this position.”

Prospecting Letters

If you are inquiring about possible openings, you are sending an Inquiry or Prospecting Letter.

Address your letter to a specific individual, usually the person who supervises the functional area where you’d like to work.

Be as specific as possible about the type of position that interests you.

Ideally, your research will reveal the job titles used by this employer.

If not, use generic job titles commonly understood in the field.

Cover Letters for Job