Dead Giveaway

Dead Giveaway :

Dead As A Doornail :

This is used to indicate that something is lifeless.

Dead Cat Bounce :

The idiom means a small and temporary recovery in a financial market following a large fall.

Dead Duck :

If something is a dead duck, it is a failure.

  • Mahesh was very sad when his proposal was rejected as a dead duck.

    Dead Even :

    If people competing are dead even, they are at exactly the same stage or moving at exactly the same speed.

    Dead From The Neck Up :

    Someone who is dead from the neck up is very stupid indeed.

    Dead Giveaway :

    It is something that gives an obvious due provides absolute proof or intentionally reveals a betrayal.

    Dead Heat :

    If two or more contestants finish a race or competition at exactly the same time and it is impossible to declare one of them the winner, it is a dead heat.

    Dear in The Water :

    If something is dead in the water, it is not going anywhere or making any progress.

    Dead Level Best :

    If you try your dead level best, you try as hard as you possibly could to do something.

    Dead Man Walking :

    A dead man walking is someone who is in great trouble and will certainly get punishes or lose their job or position soon.

    Dead Meat :

    This is used as a way of threatening someone.

  • You will be dead meat if you do not go along.

    Dead Men’s Shoes :

    If promotion or success requires replacing somebody, then it can only be reached by dead men’s shoes by getting rid of them.

    Dead Giveaway
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