Do A Runner

Do A Runner :

Dish The Dirt :

If you dish the dirt on something or someone, you make unpleasant or shocking information public.

Do A Devon Loch :

Devon loch was a horse that collapsed just short of the winning line of the Grand National race

If someone does a Devon Loch, they fail when they are very close to winning.

Do A Lord Lucan :

If someone disappears without a trace or runs off, they do A Lord Lucan.

Lord Lucan is believed to have disappeared after a murder.

Do A Runner :

If people leave a restaurant without paying, they do a runner.

Do As You Would Be Done By :

The phrase implies that one should treat and respect others as you would hope to be respected and treated by them.

Do The Needful :

If you do the needful, you do what is necessary.

Do The Running :

The person who has to do the running has to make sure that things get done.

Do Their Dirty Work :

Someone who does someone’s dirty work carries out the unpleasant jobs that the first person does not want to do.

Do’s and Don’ts :

The do’s and don’ts are what is acceptable or allowed or not within an area or issue.

Dodge The Bullet :

If someone has dodged a bullet, they have successfully avoided every serious problem.

Dog and Pony Show :

A dong and pony show is a presentation or some marketing that has lots of style, but no real content.

Dog Days :

Dog days are very hot summer days.

Do A Runner

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