Documentary Letters of Credit

Documentary Letters of Credit :

As one of North America’s largest financial institutions and a major international bank, Scotiabank is well-equipped to look after your importing and exporting needs.

This brochure will provide the exporter, importer and others engaged in international trade with a practical guide to documentary letters of credit.

Documentary credits, commercial letters of credit or just letters of credit, as they will be referred to in this page, play an integral part in facilitating international trade while providing a secure and reliable means of payment.

While this page deals mainly with documentary letters of credit, specialized information on other products and services is available in Canada directly from our Commercial Banking Centres and branches, and from our offices around the world.

This page should not be regarded as a text or operating manual nor an attempt to cover all possible situations.

This page is not intended to provide legal or other professional advice and readers should not act on information contained herein without seeking specific advice on the particular transactions with which they are concerned.

Within its limitations, it is hoped that this page will serve as a basic tool in understanding letters of credit.

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Documentary Letters of Credit