Down to The Wire

Down to The Wire :

Doubting Thomas :

A doubting Thomas is someone who only believes what they see themselves, not what they are told.

Down and Out :

If someone is down and out, he or she is desperately poor and need help.

Down at Heel :

Someone who is down at heel is short of money.

Down for The Count :

If someone is down for the count, he or she has lost a struggle, like a boxer who has been knocked out.

Down in The Doldrums :

If somebody is down in the doldrums, they are depressed and lacking energy.

Down in The Dumps :

If someone is down in the dumps, he or she is unhappy or depressed.

Down in The Mouth :


If someone is down in the mouth, he or she looks unhappy or depressed.

  • He was down in the mouth when he was dismissed from service this morning.

    Down The Drain :

    If something goes down the drain especially money or work, it is wasted or produces no results.

    Down The Hatch :

    This idiom can be said before drinking alcohol in company.

    Down The Pan :

    If something has gone down the pan, it has failed or been ruined.

    Down The Tubes :

    If something has gone down the tubes, it has failed or been ruined.

    Down to The Wire :

    If something goes down to the wire, like a competition, then it goes to the very last moment before it is clear who has won.

    Down to The Wire
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