E-Mailing Resumes

E-Mailing Resumes :

Before emailing your resume, try to find out the employer’s format preference. Some accept attachments. Others prefer your resume in the text of the email message. If you can’t find out the employer’s preference, send it both ways in one message. Unless you are told otherwise, include a cover letter. Send the resume and cover letter in one email message.

When submitting a resume via an organization’s website, use the formatting and display style recommended by the website.

To send your resume as an attachment :

Give the document a name the recruiter will associate with you, such as MillerJennifer.doc.

Don’t give it a generic name like Resume.doc.

Be sure your document is virus free.

Email it to yourself to make sure it’s easy to open and the formatting remains intact.

To send your resume in the text of the email message :

Save both the resume and cover letter as text documents (.txt).

Put the cover letter first.

Do not use bold, underlining, bullets, distinctive fonts, colored text, or html codes. Use asterisks, plus signs (+), dashes, all capital letters and combinations of these to highlight text.

Text resumes look plain and ordinary, but employers are used to this. They are more concerned with whether the content meets their needs.

To make your resume scannable :

Some employers use resume database tracking systems. They scan incoming resumes (sometimes letters, too) into a database and when they have openings, retrieve resumes using relevant keywords.

Some companies will indicate on their website if they scan resumes and often provide formatting tips.

Include industry or job-specific keywords, especially relevant skills, major, specific areas of study and experience (e.g., marketing research, java, html, sales, electrophoresis).

Use 10 to 12 point font size. Do not use italics, underlining, fancy fonts, bullets or multiple columns.

Use all bold or capitals for emphasis.

When submitting a hard copy by mail, print it on white paper with a laser printer.

E-Mailing Resumes