Electronic Resumes

Electronic Resumes :

With the revolution in the field of communication, this resume is being used widely now-a-days. The resume that is sent through e-mail is called electronic resume.

Features : This type of resume is specially formatted for scanning and searching by optical scanning systems. This type of resume is generally used when we want to send it through electronic medium for banks and job sites.

Precautions to take while preparing This Type :

The Electronic Resume can be prepared in different file formats. But experts advise the use of ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange pronounced as ASII) file formats as this format is universally recognized by PC, Macintosh, UNIX workstations and mainframe terminals. You can use plain text, rich text or hyper text ASCII format while preparing your resume.

Each format has its own advantages and disadvantages. Plain text is identified by the TXT file extension. It is generally used for transferring the resume across computer systems. Its look is quite simple without any frill. But its drawback can be compensated with the use of asterisks and other special characters to achieve a bulleted effect.

Rich text provides more formatting options and is gaining grounds for its compatibility across word processors. It is identified by the RFT file extension. Rich text is very convenient to use for existing resumes that are in word document or are sent as an e-mail attachment. Its main disadvantage is that some destination computers may not recognize this file format. If you are not sure about the read capability of the recipient’s e-mail system, you should better use plain text formatting.

Hyper text is identified through the file extension HTM or HTML. This file format requires a web browser (like Internet Explorer) to view your resume. A major drawback of hyper text resume is that it relies on self-promotion rather than on the support of a large recruitment site. Most of the people generally use either plain or rich text while sending electronic resumes.

Note the following while sending your resume through e-mail.

  • You should avoid fancy text styles like italics, shadows and use of vertical lines.

  • Use fonts that are common and size of fonts between 12 and 14 points.

  • Do not minimize inter-word or inter-line spacing.

  • Avoid using two column formats. It is used by the newspapers.

  • You can make heading Bold if you think proper.

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