Employment Letters

Employment Letters are those of the letters between job-givers and job-seekers. As far as the job-seekers are concerned, the employment letter is more important because that letter will assure them the job they seek. Because of this single reason, one has to take the utmost care to see that his employment letter is as effective as it should be.

Since the job-giver knows nothing about the job-seeker except through what is written on the letter, that letter should be written in perfection. In case the employment letter is not effective, it will fail to impress the employer who will throw the ineffective letters to the dust-bin.

In order to avoid this unwanted consequence, it is better for the applicant to prepare his employment letter as carefully as possible to make that the most effective. In that case, the applicant has the better chance of receiving the interview-call letter from his prospective employer.

The following attachments should be got ready before writing the employment letter.

1. Educational Degree or Other Qualification Certificates

2. Testimonials in support of his/her attitude

3. A Well Prepared Resume

4. The Application Cover Letter

5. Supporting Documents

With these documents, one can prepare an impressive and effective employment letter in order to ensure the dream job for oneself.

  1. Testimonial : 1
  2. Testimonial : 2
  3. Testimonial : 3
  4. Letter Asking Someone to Be a Referee
  5. Letter Asking Someone to Write a Recommendation
  6. Recommendation Letter
  7. Resume : 1
  8. Resume : 2
  9. Job Enquiry Letter
  10. Job Application : 1
  11. Job Application : 2
  12. Letter by Employer Asking For a Reference
  13. Letter of Favourable Reference
  14. Letter of Qualified Reference
  15. Letter Refusing A Reference
  16. Letter Acknowledging An Application
  17. Interview Letter
  18. Letter of Job Offer
  19. Appointment Letter
  20. Letter Accepting Job Offer
  21. Letter Rejecting Job Offer
  22. Letter of Request for Transfer
  23. Letter Transferring An Employee : 1
  24. Letter Transferring An Employee : 2
  25. Letter Declining Offer of Transfer
  26. Letter Warning An Employee
  27. Letter Giving Final Warning to An Employee
  28. Letter Dismissing An Employee
  29. Letter Requesting Emergency Leave
  30. Letter Requesting Annual Leave
  31. Letter Granting Annual Leave
  32. Letter Granting Annual Leave on A Later Date
  33. Letter Requesting Medical Leave
  34. Letter Granting Medical Leave
  35. Letter Requesting No–Pay Leave
  36. Letter Granting No–Pay Leave
  37. Letter Refusing To Grant No–Pay Leave
  38. Letter Making An Employee Redundant
  39. Letter Asking for Increase in Salary
  40. Letter Increasing Salary
  41. Letter Refusing An Increase in Salary
  42. Letter Offering Promotion
  43. Letter Declining Promotion Offer
  44. Resignation Letter
  45. Resignation Letter
  46. Cover Letters for Employment
  47. Employment Letter

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