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Dear _____________,

People working in the computer industry today understand how fast things change and the unbelievable rate of technological advances. To stay competitive you need to continually update your knowledge of the new systems and options available in today’s computer market. Computer World 97 is the key to accomplishing this.

Every year Computer World magazine hosts an enormous trade show in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Companies from around the world will showcase the latest in hardware and software. In addition to the demonstrations and booths, key leaders throughout the industry will speak on various topics which pertain to today’s computer industry.

In order to attend this unmatched trade shows please complete and return the enclosed registration form along with the registration fee. Also enclosed is a list of vendors and companies who have already registered for a booth, a list of events, and the names and titles of all key note speakers. Please hurry, space is limited!

Yours Sincerely,

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Endorsement Letter