Example Application Letter

Example Application Letter :

I wish to apply for the position of Marketing Officer as advertised in the Courier Mail, Saturday 9 March, 2009 – reference No: KL23 (or through the QUT Careers & Employment Service).


I am writing to express my interest in being considered for an appropriate position within your company when I have completed my current studies.

This year I will complete a Bachelor of Business at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with a major in Marketing and second major in Management. I have achieved an overall Grade Point Average of 5.3 (on a 7 point scale) and have a special interest in Strategic Planning (or obtained a High Distinction in Strategic Marketing).

As part of my studies, I participated in two industry-based project groups. One involved undertaking a detailed analysis of the consumer markets for a major clothing retailer and the other developing a market plan and campaign for a relatively small, energetic and upcoming sports clothing manufacturer and distributor. Both projects provided me with an opportunity to work closely with industry personnel and strengthen my interest in this area. The two companies regarded the outcome of the projects as highly productive and successful.

I have undertaken direct promotional work as part of my Billabong Family Bistro work in Gympie and have consolidated my basic communication and clerical skills through my work at Myers and my vacation placement with a Queensland Government Department.

I bring to any job a strong work ethic and desire to succeed, a willingness to cooperate with others, and a need to produce quality work. As a result of the knowledge and skills gained through my studies at QUT and my industry-based experiences, I will be able to more than adequately the requirements of the Marketing Officer position at XYZ Consulting.

Thank you for considering my application. Enclosed is a copy of my resume and academic record. I would appreciate an interview and am available at short notice. If I am not contactable on my home phone: 07 3333 4444, a message could be left with my neighbour, Mrs Reid on 07 3434 3434 (or my parents on 07 5555 4444).

Example Application Letter