Exercise on Kinds of Nouns

Exercise on Kinds of Nouns :

Pick out the nouns in the following sentences and say which are common, proper, concrete, abstract, collective countable and uncountable nouns.

  1. Tagore was a great poet.

    Tagore : proper noun
    poet : common noun

  2. Robert scored forty runs that day.

    Robert : Proper noun
    runs : common noun

  3. I saw the actor in Bombay on Sunday.

    I : pronoun
    the actor : common noun
    Bombay : proper noun
    Sun Day : proper noun

  4. My dog is called Sony.

    Dog : common noun
    Sony : proper noun

  5. The boy has gone to school.

    The boy : common noun
    school : common noun

  6. Padma is staying with her aunt in Bangalore.

    Padma : proper noun
    Bangalore : proper noun

  7. May is usually the hottest month.

    May : proper noun
    month : common noun

  8. You should show respect for your teachers.

    You : pronoun
    Teachers : common noun

  9. Our soldiers fought with great courage.

    soldiers : common noun
    courage : abstract noun

  10. There is truth in his story.

    truth : abstract noun
    story : common noun

  11. My friend listened with pleasure to the beautiful music.

    pleasure : abstract noun
    music : common noun

  12. The girl lost her parents in childhood.

    girl : common noun
    childhood : abstract noun
    parents : common noun

  13. The women stood there in fear.

    The women : common noun
    fear : abstract noun

  14. She felt sorrow for the death of her dog.

    she : pronoun
    sorrow : abstract noun
    death : abstract noun
    dog : common noun

  15. The crowd cheered the cricketer.

    the crowd : common noun
    cricketers : common noun

  16. The police have caught the theif.

    police : collective noun
    thief : common noun

  17. The crew of the ship was attacked.

    crew : collective noun
    ship : common noun

  18. I am a member of the committee.

    member : common noun
    committee : collective noun

  19. There is a herd of cattle in the field.

    herd : collective noun
    cattle : collective noun
    field : common noun

  20. I can see a fleet of boats on the sea.

    I : pronoun
    fleet : collective noun
    boats : common noun
    sea : common noun

  21. There is a group of tall trees besides the river.

    group : collective noun
    river : common noun

  22. Mohan and I are in the same class.

    Mohan : proper noun
    I : pronoun
    class : common noun

  23. There is a pile of books on the table.

    books : countable noun
    table : countable noun

  24. A team of doctors worked all night to save her life.

    team : collective noun
    doctors : countable noun
    night : common noun

  25. My father doesn’t take sugar in tea.

    My father : proper noun
    sugar : uncountable noun

  26. Oil flats on water.

    oil : uncountable noun
    water : uncountable noun

  27. Gold is a precious metal.

    Gold : uncountable noun
    metal : material noun

  28. I take bread and butter in the morning.

    bread and butter : uncountable noun
    morning : common noun

  29. The tin is empty. Who has eaten the biscuites?

    tin : material noun
    biscuits : common noun

  30. She has gone to market to buy meat and vegetables.

    market : common noun
    meat : uncountable noun
    vegetables : common noun

  31. There is not ink in this pen.

    ink : common noun
    pen : common noun

  32. A cow’s milk is good for health.

    milk : uncountable noun

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Exercise on Kinds of Nouns

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