Exercise on Parts of Speech

Exercise on Parts of Speech :

Read the following sentences carefully and say what part of speech each word in italics is.

1. My brother speaks Englsih well.

My : adjective
Brother : noun
speaks : verb
well : adjective

2. Ramesh is a clever student.

is : verb
clever : adjective

3. Reka writes quite nicely.

quite : adverb

4. She knows four languages.

four : adjective

5. Write your name in ink.

your : adjective
in : preposition

6. America is a very rich country.

America : Proper Noun
rich : adjective

7. Ah! What is happening now?

Ah : interjection
now : adverb

8. They travelled over land and sea.

over : preposition
sea : noun

9. You are driving too fast.

too : adverb
fast : adjective

10. Hurry! Our school has won.

Hurry : Interjection
Our : adjective
school : noun

11. Is your pen blue or green?

is : verb
blue : adjective

12. This letter is for you.

This : noun
for : preposition

13. He never smokes or drinks.

never : adverb
or : conjunction

14. We waited for Anand at the station.

we : pronoun
for : preposition
at : preposition

15. The sky became cloudy.

cloudy : adverb

16. Policemen often direct traffic.

often : adverb
direct : verb
traffic : noun

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Exercise on Parts of Speech

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