Exercises on Prepositions

Exercises on Prepositions :

Here are 10 sets of sentences. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

  1. Yesterday my brother went ______________ the supermarket ______ the evening and bought a lot ____________ things __________our daily use.

  2. A noble servant _______ peace is gone. But the quest _________ peace lies _______us. The problem is not death _________ one man.

  3. Karate was taught ______ father _________sun only and men denied having any knowledge _________ karate even _________their neighbors.

  4. The boy who was _______________his way _________school met _________an accident. He was rushed _______the nearby hospital.

  5. The steam engine was invented ________ James Wart. The United Kingdom was the first ___________ provide power _________ the new trains but today _______ many countries steam engines are being replaced by diesel engine.

  6. Two Indian boys wanted to cross the English channel ________ small boats. They went______ car _____________ Paris. ________ the way they next with an accident.

  7. I am ______ need ____ Rs. 20,000_________ connection ___________ the marriage of my sister.

  8. Sekar went ___________ Bangalore _________ train. His father was siting __________ him ____ the train.

  9. Gandhi was killed __________ a fanatic. He was killed __________ a gun. He was killed _______ his way ________ the prayer-hall _____ Friday.

  10. Kavitha’s breakfast consists ________ eggs and milk. She prefers milk _____ Coffee. She carries her lunch ______ a box and eats _______ her friend. She goes to school __________ foot.

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Exercises on Prepositions

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