Expiration Dates Increase Response

Expiration Dates Increase Response :

Another very effective method for getting action now is a specific expiration date. The more believable you make it the better. So try to stay away from arbitrary dates like December 31st. This will sound made up.

Now if you said the deadline is December 22, this will be more believable.

Or better still is if you have a reason for your deadline.

Here’s the explanation of the deadline I used when selling an overstock of power medical tables for a client:

“…you should know that the manufacturer’s promotion of these power tables end June 30th. And any unsold inventory I have could be sold to another dealer at wholesale cost. But instead of doing that I would rather sell you the table at a wholesale price and gain your goodwill…”

Then later on I hit them with the deadline and scarcity:

“Why you must act before July 15th. First, I doubt if these tables will still be around until July 15th because the first 2 doctors that put their deposits down for these tables will take them. And when they’re gone this offer expires.

“But even if they are still here (highly unlikely at this bargain price) this offer has to expire anyway because we will be shipping these tables to other dealers in the area.”

And the P.S. reinforced the scarcity even more guaranteeing action.

“P.S. Hurry! This letter is being sent to 1,283 local doctors and this offer is strictly limited to the first 2 people who respond.”

This worked extremely well to create immediate action and profitably sell off the excess inventory this firm had remaining.

Another action device is to set a limit to the amount of people who can get your offer. Make it good only for the first 50 people. Or another excellent tactic is using scarcity and give specific numbers. Mention that you only have 29 sets in stock and when they’re gone — that’s it. This will quickly produce a sell out for you.

(This is the same type of psychology used in the overstock letter templates.)

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Expiration Dates Increase Response