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Export Correspondence :

The economy of a country enhances when it concentrates on exporting its products, projects and consultancy in different spheres. With the increased inflow of foreign exchange, a country’s image and status rise high in the eyes of foreign countries. Its dual benefit of aiding import of quality goods and services otherwise not available in that country is equally valuable. In this scenario, export business correspondence plays a major role.

There are letters written by both exporter and importer on varied occasions and necessarily the contents differ suiting to the particular situation. It will be interesting to see the difference in letters.

Compared to the domestic business correspondence, handling of the export business correspondence calls for better skill. This is in view of the fact that letters are written to those having different culture. If a damage is done by wrong communication, it is difficult to erase. If it calls for a personal visit to explain and change the opinion, the consequent foreign trip becomes expensive. In contrast, a domestic travel even to a far away town may not cost much.

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