Finding new words

Finding new words :

If you want to find a word in the dictionary whose spelling you do not already know or you are unsure of, you might have to do some detective work using some guesswork and some judgement.

First decide how you think the word you are looking for is spelt.

Then look at pages in the dictionary which have words with similar spelling.

The guide words at the top of the pages will help you do that.

For example…

If you want to look up the word HURRY because you are unsure whether it is spelt with one r or two or whether its last letter is an i or a y, you will have to decide how you think the word is spelt.

You might guess that it begins with the letters hur.

You can then find the page in the dictionary with words beginning with hur and then you can look for different possible endings.

You might look for huri, hury, hurri - and then find the correct spelling of the word hurry.

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