Follow-Up Letter on Literature

Follow-Up Letter on Literature :

This letter should be typed in the official letter-head of the company.

The Company's Name

Door Number and Street's Name,
Area Name,
Postal Code : XXXXXX
Phone Number : 0000 - 123456789

TO :

The Receiver's Name,
Door Number and Street's Name,
Area Name,
Postal Code : XXXXXXX

Date :

Reference :

Dear _____________,


You've taken the first step to {benefit your product or service offers}. Enclosed is the information you requested on our {product or service}. I'd like to highlight 3 important points you'll find in the accompanying information:

1. {Biggest benefit your company provides}

2. {100% risk-free Guarantee, etc.}

3. {Free trial period, 24-hour response time, etc.}

Benefits like these are the reason we have so many satisfied customers since {year}. Here's what a few recent customers had to say about their experience:

"Testimonial" - full name, city, State

"Testimonial" - full name, city, State

I hope once you've had a chance to look over the enclosed information - we can count on you as another satisfied customer.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call at {xxx-xxx-xxxx} . We'll be happy to answer any of your remaining questions or concerns about {your product or service}.

Yours Sincerely,

(The Sender's Signature)

The Sender's Name

P.S. : If you'd like to speak to an actual customer, we'll be glad to give you their number when you call, so you can talk to them in person.

Follow-Up Letter on Literature