Format of Business Letters

The format of business letters is very much important in making the receiver of that letter to take action based on your letter. How your letter looks is the format of the letter. The basics of the business letters should be followed to give the best impression to the receiver about your letter. The paper size, the envelope’s size, the font’s size, the style of the font and the way in which you have folded your letter are the factors which determine the format of your letter. Although what is the core issue of the letter is the most important matter in any business letter, how we present the matter is also hold importance in the type of influence that it puts on the reader. The heading, the style of the letter head, type of salutation and other related points of business letters are also very important. More over, there are seven styles of business letters which have their own individual merits and demerits. You have to apply your judgement to choose what the best is for you.

Basics of Effective Business Letters :

1. Paper and Envelope Sizes

2. Folding The Letter

3. Fonts

The Points to Remember while Writing A Letter :

1. Know what you have to say

2. Be brief but clear

3. Be accurate with your facts and figures

4. Use simple straightforward language

Read all these basics and points in a single page.

Styles of Business Letters :

1. Fully-Indented Style

2. Semi-Indented Style

3. Hanging-Indented Style

4. Fully-Blocked Style

5. Modified Block Style

6. Simplified Style

7. Memorandum

Parts of Business Letters :

1. Heading (or) Letterhead

2. Reference (or) File Number (optional)

3. Date of The Letter

4. Private and Confidential (optional)

5. Recipient’s Address (Style of Address)

6. Attention Line (optional)

7. Salutation

8. Subject of The Letter (optional)

9. Body of The Letter

10. Complimentary Closing (optional)

11. Signature

12. Name and Designation

13. Postscript (optional)

14. Enclosures (optional)

15. Typist’s Name and Initials (optional)

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  • Here is a typical business letter format.
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