Formation of Short Answer

Formation of Short Answer :

If somebody says “I like coffee.” and you wish to convey the idea that you like coffee too, you should say, “So do I”.

If you said “I like coffee too, “the answer would sound unnatural.

Similarly, if the person says “I don’t like tea” and you wish to state that you don’t like tea either, you should say “Not/Neither do I” rather than ‘I don’t like coffer wither “.

On the other hand, if you wish to answer that you don’t like coffee, you have to say, “But I don’t.”

If you wish to say that you do like tea, you have to say, “But I do”

Additions may also be made by the same speaker, e.g “Grace can swim. But Mary can’t”

The following are the patterns of additons to remarks.

(a) Affirmative additions to affirmative remarks : So + special verb + subject

(b) Negative additons to negative remarks : Nor/neither + special verb + n’t

(c) Negative additons to affirmative remarks : But + subject + special verb +n’t

(d) Affirmative additons to negative remarks : But +subject + special verb

Examples for Formation of Short Answer :

Apples are ery dear. So are oranges.

I have seen the film. So has he.

Tom should work hard and so should Fred.

Mohan came late and so did Anand.

John smokes. Neither does his brother.

You did not notice him and nor did I.

Tom shouln’t waste his time and neither should Fred.

You can’t finish the work today. Nor can you.

He will attend the party. But I won’t.

Kishore is studying hard. But you are not.

Mr. Mehta can drive a car. But his wife can’t.

Edith knows german. But Susan doesn’t.

I don’t know him. But your brother does.

I did n‘t like the film. But you did.

My sister can’t swim. But I can.

I haven’t read the novel. But rupa has.

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Formation of Short Answer

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