Fully-Blocked Style

Styles of Business Letters

This is a sample letter written in Fully-Blocked Style.

Modern Office Equipment Co. Ltd.

98 – 100 Anna Salai
Cennai – 600002
Telephone : 044 26152766
Fax : 044 26152767

6th June 2001

The Manager
ABC Computer Stores
23 North Usman Road
T. Nager
Chennai – 600018
Telephone : 044 26156782
Fax : 044 26156780

Dear Sir,

Fully-Blocked Style

This style is widely used across the globe. This style does not use any indent at all. Every single line is typed from the left-hand side. Since this style demands less number of keystrokes, this style increases the speed of the typist.

Even for computer typing, this style is more convenient. Note that this style does not use comma after every line in the address. This is also reducing the number keystrokes required. But the proper punctuations are added properly.

Yours faithfully,

M.N. Ashok Nathan
Assistant Manager


Styles of Business Letters

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