General Business Letters

General Business Letters :

Written Correspondence is a part and parcel of any business. For the business to be successful, effective communication is a must. That is whay we insist that you must learn how to write different types of business letters. The content of a business letter should be crystal clear to its recipient. Your words and the style you follow conjures up an image about you in the mind of the reader of the business letter. Letter is the best way to develop a rapport with the clients, vendors, customers and others related to our business. A well-drafted and well-displayed business letter will create a far more significant positive goodwill among the customers. We have taken pains to see that all parts of the business letters are explained in detail so that our readers will understand them in a clear manner. Followings are the links for the individual pages which will explain those details in a clear style.

This page is very comprehensive and exhaustive on General Business Letters. We have incorporated all kinds of Business Letters. Simple and An easily understandable language is used so that you can be benefitted by this page very much while writing business letters. Very important aspect of this page is that we have incorporated an useful and highly essential basic knowledge of EMAILS. That will certainly and posirively help you to learn the implications and precautions necessary while comuunicating with other business people through emails. We are sure that this page will help you in learning tha art and techniques of writing business letters. Your constructive suggestions are most welcome.

  1. The Buyer’s Request To Supply Goods On Credit
  2. The Supplier's Favourable Reply
  3. The Supplier's Unfavorable Reply
  4. The Letter Of The Supplier Asking For Reference
  5. The Supplier's Request for Payment
  6. The First Reminder for Payment
  7. The Second Reminder For Payment
  8. The Third Reminder For Payment
  9. Buyer’s Explanation And Expressing His Inability To Settle The Account
  10. The Buyer's Reply
  11. The Buyer Sending A Part-Payment
  12. The Supplier’s Reply To The Buyer
  13. The Buyer Settles The Account Explaining The Reasons.
  14. Letter Of Request To Supply Of The Books
  15. Letter To The Publisher Retuning The Books Wrongly
  16. Letter By Principal Of A College Placing An Order For Supplying Some Sports Items
  17. Letter From A Cement Company Demanding 50 Percent Amount In Advance And Two References To Supply The Cement Requires
  18. Letter From A Distributor To The Dealer Regarding Increase In The Supply Rates Due To Strike Of Transport Operators
  19. Letter From The Client Claining The Deduction And For Rectifucation Of The Mistake Done
  20. Letter of Reply Satisfying The Client
  21. Notice To The Defaulter For Making The Payment
  22. Letter Of Acknowledgement Of The Letter
  23. Letter Of Achnowledement Of Goods Returned For Repair
  24. Letter Of Acknowledgemnt For Acceptance Of Order For The Goods
  25. Letter of Ackowledgement Of Receipt Of Goods
  26. Letter of Acknowledgement And Acceptance Of Order
  27. Letter of Acknowledgemnt From Publisher Against The Comments Referred To An Author
  28. Letter of Grant Of Request For Extension Of Time To Clear The Dues
  29. Querry Letter From A New Customer
  30. Letter To An New Customer Sending Catalogue And Price List
  31. Letter of Request For Signing The Balance Confirmation Certificate
  32. Letter To The Customer Informaing The Factual Position
  33. Letter Responding An Enquiry
  34. Letter For Confirming The Verbal Order
  35. Letter In Response To Advertisement Seeking Distributorship
  36. Letter To The Supplier For An Early Delivery Of Goods Ordered
  37. Letter of Reply Of The Supplier To The Buyer
  38. Letter of Reply Of The Buyer Confirming The Receipt Of Letter And Conveying Thanks
  39. Letter of Ancknowledgement Of Change In Meeting Date
  40. Letter of Confirmation Of Extension Of Payment Date
  41. Letter To Note The Denial Of Request For Extension Of Time For Repayment
  42. Letter To Note The Deliveries Held Until The Balance Paid
  43. Letter of Denial Of Request For Additional Discount
  44. Letter From A Company For Annual Maintenance Contract
  45. Letter of Reply Of The Company
  46. Letter From The Company
  47. Letter To A Hotel To Get The Room Reserved
  48. Letter of Reply Of The Hotel
  49. Complimentary Letter To The Hotel
  50. Letter To The Company For Non-Receipt Of Dividend
  51. Letter For Refund Of Application Money
  52. Letter Of Company For First Call Notice

General Business Letters

Letter Asking A Donation
Letter Asking A Favor
Letter Asking for More Details
Letter Asking for Donations
Letter Denying of Dealership
Letter for Change of Address
Letter for Distributorship
Letter for Employment
Letter for Hotel Reservation
Letter for Letter of Credit
Letter for Line of Credit
Letter for Product Launch
Letter for Promotion
Letter for Retirement Congrats
Letter for Scholarship
Letter for Settlement of Bill
Letter for Tender
Letter for Testimonial
Letter of Agreement
Letter of Assurance
Letter of Credit
Letter of Enquiry
Letter of Order
Letter of Persuasion
Letter of Sympathy
Letter Offering Discount
Letter Related to Advertisement
Letter Related to Despatch
Letter Related to Training
Letter to A Foreign Buyer
Letter to Pen-Friend
Letter to Police
Letter with Order
Letter with Quotation
Letter Writing
Letters about Company Shares
Letters by Clubs and Societies
Letters by Landlords & Tenants
Letters for Appointment of Dealers
Letters for Business Relations
Letters for Buying and Selling
Letters for Credit & Collection
Letters for Foreign Travel
Letters for Lease & Tenancy
Letters for Loan & Borrowing
Letters for Transfer & Assignment
Letters for Insurance
Letters Noting Discrepancy
Letters of Condolence & Sorrow
Letters of Regret
Letters Regarding Maintenance
Letters Regarding Payment
Letters Related to Employees
Letters to Local Corporation
Letters to Postal Authorities
Letters to The Editor
Letters Used in Real Estate
Letters With Postal Department
Letters With Railways Authorities

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