Getting The Message Delivered

Getting The Message Delivered :

Believe it or not, one of your major considerations needs to be how to get your message delivered. What good is a letter if it never gets opened? There could a $100.00 dollar bill inside and the prospect would never know.

Getting you mailing delivered is not a mild concern. The Post Office freely admits that 20%-30% of all bulk mail (meaning: junk mail) gets thrown out for various reasons. There have been horror stories of vacant buildings being completely filled-up with mail by renegade postal workers.

Your mail man’s mail sack gets pretty heavy so what kind of mail do you think he wouldn’t dare deliver? That’s right — bulk mail, the kind with an indicia ( bulk mail permit) or something marked for “resident.” He knows you are not expecting it — and if it never makes it to “resident” it won’t matter because nobody will complain.

So, our first step is getting the Post Office to respect and deliver our mail.

And here’s how we do that:

1. Use A Live Stamp

Use a real, live and honest to goodness stamp. The kind you got to lick with the best adhesive known to man; spit.

Actually, you’re lucky now because the post office has all kinds of self-adhesive stamps.

Do not use any meters and no indicia.

2. Handwritten Return Address

In the upper left-hand side of your envelope you simply handwrite your return address. Only the street address, Your City and the Zip. No fancy logos and no company name (until they know you — and don’t tell me everyone knows you in your town, except if you live in Mayberry).

A secret is to having somebody handwrite your return address on a plain piece of paper. Then give it your printer and have them print envelopes with your return address using that piece of paper.

Another variation is to use a typewritten return address. But a handwritten one will work better — it makes people say, “What the hell is this?” Then you’ve won the battle.

3. Handwritten Address

The person to whom your are sending the letter gets their name hand addressed or impact-printed on.

No labels. Labels scream “Junk Mail!”

If your staff is overwhelmed with addressing letters, hire a high school student part-time or have local homemakers address the envelopes for some extra money.

Or imprinting on envelopes is fine also.

The key here is make it look like a letter from Mom

The closer you come to making it look like a letter from Mom the more likely the Post Office will deliver it and even more important the more likely your prospect will open it. One of the top direct marketers, Gary Halbert, has a famous theory called the ‘A’ pile, ‘B’ pile. He says everyone sorts their mail over a trash can and they divide up their mail into two piles (A pile, B pile).

Into the ‘A’ pile go bills, subscriptions you pay for, and personal correspondence and into the B pile goes everything else (all the junk). The B pile is much more likely to get tossed in the circular file right away or they put it aside to be read later (maybe).

You want to make sure you get your letter into the ‘A’ pile!

Please note: If you’re sending out a letter to your customer base then it’s definitely okay to use your company’s envelopes and you can even use labels (though I still suggest handwritten addresses or direct imprinting).

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