Glossary of Genealogy Terms

Glossary of Genealogy Terms beginning with P :

Compiled by Daniel H. Burrows
Reprinted coutesy of Genealogy Records Service
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PASSENGER LIST - A ships list of passengers, usually referring to those ships arriving in the from Europe

PATENT - Grant of land from a government to an individual

PATERNAL - Related to one’s father. Paternal grandmother is the father’s mother

PATRIOT - One who loves his country and supports its interests

PEDIGREE - Family tree; ancestry

PENSION - Money paid regularly to an individual, especially by a government as reward for military service during wartime or upon retirement from government service

PENSIONER - One who receives a pension

PERCH - See measurements

POLE - See measurements

POLL - List or record of persons, especially for taxing or voting

POST - Latin prefix meaning after, as in post-war economy

POSTERITY - Descendants; those who come after

POWER OF ATTORNEY - When a person in unable to act for himself, he appoints another to act in his behalf

PRE - Latin prefix meaning before, as in pre-war military build-up

PRE-EMOTION RIGHTS - Right given by the federal government to citizens to buy a quarter section of land or less

PROBATE - Having to do with wills and the administration of estates

PROGENITOR - A direct ancestor

PROGENY - Descendants of a common ancestor; issue

PROVED WILL - A will established as genuine by probate court

PROVOST - A person appointed to superintend, or preside over something

PROXIMO - In the following month, in the month after the present one

PUBLIC DOMAIN - Land owned by the government.

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Glossary of Genealogy Terms

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