Go Play In Traffic

Go Play In Traffic :

Go Off On A Tangent :

If someone goes off on a tangent, they change the subject completely in the middle of a conversation or talk.

Go Over Like A Lead Balloon :

If something goes over like a lead balloon, it will not work well or go over well.

Go Overboard :

If you go overboard, you do something excessively.

Go Pear-Shaped :

If things have gone wrong, they have gone pear-shaped.

Go Play In Traffic :

This is used as a way of telling someone to go away.

Go Round In Circles :

If people are going round in circles, they keep discussing the same things without reaching any agreement or coming to a conclusion.

Go South :

If things go south, they get worse or go wrong.

Go Spare :

If you go spare, you lose your temper completely.

  • Menasha went spare when she saw her husband drinking.

    Go Tell It To Birds :

    This is used when someone says something that is not credible or is a lie.

    Go The Distance :

    If you go the distance, you continue until something ends, no matter how difficult.

    Go The Extra Mile :

    If someone is prepared to go the extra mile, they will do everything they can to help or to make something succeed, going beyond their duty what could be expected of them.

    Go The Whole Hog :

    If you go the whole hog, you do something completely or to its limits.

    Go Play In Traffic
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