Good English

Good English :

Except in special cases - like ‘memoranda’ (notes or summaries) and ‘telegrams’ and SMS texting or text messaging - most business letters and other communications are ‘compositions in English’.

They must therefore…

  • be written in GOOD, grammatical English.

  • be adequately and correctly punctuated.

  • contain a good variety of words - which must be correctly spelt and used.

    Furthermore, business letters, etc, must obey the ordinary ‘rules for compositions’.

    Different topics written or discussed should be dealt with in different sentences; sentences dealing with similar topics should be grouped into separate paragraphs. The various paragraphs must lead naturally from one to the next.

    This Program is about English used in modern - contemporary - business, and about writing business letters in English. It is NOT designed to teach you to read or to write English. We assume that you are already proficient in writing English.

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