Hand In Glove

Hand In Glove :

Hail-Fellow-Well-Met :

Someone whose behaviour is hearty, friendly and congenial

Hair of The Dog :

If someone has a hair of the dog, they have an alcoholic drink as a way of getting rid of a hangover, the unpleasant effects of having drunk too much alcohol the night before. It is commonly used as way of excusing having a drink early on in the day.

Hairy At The Heel :

Someone who is hairy at the heel is dangerous or untrustworthy.

  • The task of filing the tender cannot be entrusted to the account. He is hairy at the heel.

    Hale and Hearty :

    Someone who is hale and hearty is very good healthy.

  • Rajan has come home from the hospital. He is now hale and hearty.

    Half A Mind :

    If you have half a mind to do something, you have not decided to do it, but are thinking seriously about doing it.

    Half-Baked :

    A half-naked idea or scheme has not been thought through or planned very well.

  • To construct a road under-bridge here is a half-backed idea.

    Hammer and Tongs :

    If people are going at it hammer and tongs, they are arguing fiercely. The idiom can also be used for the people who are doing something energetically.

    Hand In Glove :

    If people are hand in glove, they have an extremely close relationship.

    Hand In Hand :

    The expression means to work together closely. When people work in a group, say in an office or in a project, work together with mutual understanding to achieve the target. We say they work hand in hand. There is no lack of cooperation and each synchronises the activity with that of the other.

    Hand That Rocks The Cradle :

    Women have a great power and influence because they have the greatest influence over the development of children – the hand that rocks the cradle. THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE RULES THE WORLD is the full form of this idiomatic expression.

    Hand To Mouth :

    Someone who’s living from hand to mouth is very poor and needs the little money they have coming in to cover their expenses.

  • The salary of Ram helps his family live hand to mouth.

    Hands Down :

    If someone is better hands down that everyone else, they are much better.

    Hand In Glove
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