Hanging-Indented Style

Styles of Business Letters

This is a sample letter written in Hanging-Indented Style.

Rajan Carpets

3451, Jalan 13/35,
65/D-76 : Modern Street,
87212 Singapore.
Phone : 5635 78724132
Fax : 5635 78724133

8th April 1988

Mr. John Mark,
152, Bunget Lodge,
23, Jalan Street,
87123 Singapore.

Dear Mr. John Mark,

Hanging-Indented Style

This very useful style places the first words of each paragraph prominently on the page. It is useful for letters that deal with a variety of different topics. However, for normal business communications, this style is very rarely used.

The first line of the paragraph begins at the left-hand margin. And the other lines of the same paragraph are indented three to four spaces. This is the reversal of semi-indented style discussed in other page.

Yours Sincerely,
Rajan Carpets

M.K. Khoom,
Managing Partner


Styles of Business Letters

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