Have A Go

Have A Go :

Hard On Someone’s Heels :

If you are hard on someone’s heels, you are close to them and trying to catch or overtake them.

Hard Sell :

If someone puts a lot of pressure on you to do or buy something, they are hard selling it.

Hard To Come By :

If something is hard to come by, it is difficult to find.

Hard Up :

If you are hard up, you have very little money.

  • I wonder how Vasu is going to marry his daughter off. He is hard up since his factory is under lockout.

    Haste Makes Waste :

    This idiom means that if you try to do something quickly without planning it, you’re likely to end up spending more time and money for doing it.

    Hat Trick :

    Three successes one after the other is a hat trick.

  • Zaheer Khan bagged three wickets in three successive balls. This is his fourth hat trick in test cricket.

    Hatchet Job :

    A piece of criticism that destroys someone’s reputation is a hatchet job.

    Have A Ball :

    If you have a ball, you have a great time and a lot of fun.

    Have A Bash :

    If you have a bash at something, you try to do it, especially when there isn’t much change of success.

    Have A Blast :

    It means to have a lot of fun.

    Have A Crack :

    If you have a crack at something, you try to do it. If someone is attempting to do something and they are unsuccessful, you might say, “Let have a crack at it, suggesting that you might be successful at performing the task.

    Have A Go :

    If you have a go, you try to do something, often when you do not think you have much change of succeeding.

    Have A Go
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