Heap Coals on Someone’s Head

Heap Coals on Someone’s Head :

Head South :

If something head south, it begins to fail or start going bad.

  • The project proceeded well for the first two months, but then it headed south.

    Heads Will Roll :

    If heads will roll, people will be punished or sacked for something that has gone wrong.

    Heads-Up :

    A heads-up is advanced information or a warning.

    Headstrong :

    A headstrong person is obstinate and does not take other people’s advice readily.

  • Do not plead with Ramesh. He is a headstrong person and he shall not help you.

    Healthy As A Horse :

    If you are as healthy as a horse, you are very healthy.

    Heap Coals on Someone’s Head :

    To do something nice and kind to someone who has been nasty to you.

    If someone felt bad because they forgot to get you a gift, for you to buy them a especially nice gift is heaping coals on their head.

    Hear A Pin Drop :

    If there is complete silence in a room, you can hear a pin drop.

    Hear On The Grapevine :

    To receive information indirectly through a series of third parties, similar to a rumour

    Heart and Soul :


  • The only way how you can please your master is to put your heart and soul in work.

    Heart in The Right Place :

    If someone’s heart is in the right place, they are good and kind, though they might not always appear to be so. Their intentions are good even if they mess things up.

    Heart in Your Boots :

    If your heart is in your boots, you are very unhappy.

    Heart in Your Mouth :

    If your heart is in your mouth, then you feel nervous or scared.

    Heap Coals on Someone’s Head
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