Hit The Books

Hit The Books :

High Spirits :

To be very happy

  • Rashmi is in high spirits these days for she has topped the list of successful candidates.

    High-Wire Act :

    A high-wire act is a dangerous or risky strategy, plan and tasks.

    Himalayan Blunder :

    A Himalayan blunder is very serious mistake or error.

  • It was a Himalayan blunder on the part of Indian Government to refer the Kashmir issue to the U.N.O.

    Hindsight is Twenty-Twenty :

    After something has gone wrong, it is easy to look back and make criticisms.

    Hit and Miss :

    Something that is hit and miss is unpredictable and may produce results or may fail.

    Hit A Nerve :

    If something hits a nerve, it upsets someone or causes them pain, often when it is something they are trying to hide.

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot :

    If someone tells you to hit them with your best shot, they are telling you that no matter what you do it won’t hurt them or make a difference to them.

    Hit Rock Bottom :

    When someone or something hits rock bottom they reach a point in life where things could not get any worse.

  • When he was dismissed from the service he hit rock bottom.

    Hit Rough Weather :

    If you hit rough weather, you experience difficulties or problems.

    Hit The Airwaves :

    If someone hits the airwaves, they go on radio and TV to promote something or to tell their side of a story.

    Hit The Books :

    If you hit the books, you study or read hard.

    Hit The Bull’s-Eye :

    If someone hits the bull’s-eye, they are exactly right about something or achieve the best result possible. BULLS-EYE and BULL’S-EYE are alternative spellings.

    Hit The Books
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