Hit The Hay

Hit The Hay :

Hit The Ceiling :

If someone hits the ceiling, they lose their temper and become very angry.

Hit The Fan :

When it hits the fan or more rudely, the shit hits the fan, serious trouble starts.

Hit The Ground Running :

If someone hits the ground running, they start a new job or position in a very dynamic manner.

Hit The Hay :

When you hit the hay, you go to bed.

  • Rahul said, “I shall see you tomorrow. It is time for me to hit the hay.”

    Hit The Mark :

    If someone hits the mark, they are right about something.

    Hit The Nail On The Head :

    To give a true explanation

    To hit the mark

    If someone hits the nail on the head, they are exactly right about something.

  • Mani hit the nail on the head by suggesting that overpopulation was responsible for Indian’s low standard of life.

    Hit The Road :

    When people hit the road, they leave a place to go somewhere else.

    Hit The Roof :

    If you lose your temper and get very angry, you hit the roof.

  • Shrinivasan is a composed person. He can never be provoked to hit the roof.

    Hit The Sack :

    When you hit the sack, you go to bed.

  • After the day long hard work, I wanted to go home and hit the sack at the earliest time.

    Hive of Worker Bees :

    A hive of worker bees is a group of people working actively and cooperatively.

  • The classroom was a hive of worker bees.

    Hobson’s Choice :

    A Hobson’s choice is something that appears to be a free choice, but is really no choice as there is no genuine alternative.

    Hoist With Your Own Petard :

    If you are hoist with your own petard, you get into trouble or caught in a trap that you had set for someone else.

    Hit The Hay
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