Horses for Courses

Horses for Courses :

Hope in Hell :

If something has not got a hope in hell, it stands absolutely no chance of succeeding.

Hornets’ Nest :

A hornets’ nest is a violent situation or one with a lot of dispute.

  • Lakshmi stirred up a hornets’ nest when she told her mother-in-law that they cannot go on a pilgrimage instead they will go to Shimla during the vacation.

    Horns of A Dilemma :

    If you are on the horns of a dilemma, you are faced with two equally unpleasant options and have to choose one.

    Horse of A Different Colour :

    If something is a horse of a different colour, it is a different matter or separate issue altogether.

    Horse Trading :

    Horse trading is an idiom used to describe negotiations especially where these are difficult and involve a lot of compromise.

  • Now-a-days after every elections one or the other major party engages in horse trading with smaller parties or the independent candidates in order to get the required strength to form a government.

    Horses for Courses :

    Horses for course means that what is suitable for one person or situation might be unsuitable for another.

    Hostile Takeover :

    If a company is bought out when it does not want to be, it is known as a hostile takeover.

    Hot Air :

    Language that is full of words but means little or nothing is hot air.

    Hot As Blue Blazes :

    If something is as hot as blue blazes, it is extremely hot.

    Hot As Hades :

    If something’s as hot as Hades, it is extremely hot.

    Hot Button :

    A hot button is a topic or issue that people feel very strongly about.

    Hot Foot :

    If you hot foot it out of a place, you leave very quickly often running.

  • I hot footed to the railway station, lest I should miss the train.

    Horses for Courses
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