Hot-Headed :

Hot Ticket :

A hot ticket is something that is very much in demand at the moment.

Hot to Trot :

If someone is hot to trot, they are sexually aroused or eager o do something.

  • Raghav found to his dismay that his spouse was not hot to trot.

    Hot Under The Collar :

    If you’re hot under the collar, you are feeling angry or bothered.

  • Lana’s teasing made me feel hot under the collar.

    Hot Water :

    If you get into hot water, you get into trouble.

  • I never knew that I shall be into hot water when I volunteered to audit the branch accounts.

    Hot-Blooded :

    Someone who is hot-blooded is easily excitable or passionate

    Hot-Headed :

    A hot-headed person gets angry very easily.

    The noun ‘hothead’ can also be used.

  • Our manager is hot-headed. No one dares to speak in front of him.

    Hour of Need :

    A time when someone really needs something, almost a last chance, is their hour of need.

    House of Cards :

    Something that is poorly thought out and can easily collapse or fail is a house of cards.

  • The intensity of the earthquake was so heavy that many multi-storeyed buildings crumbled like houses of cards.

    How Come :

    If you want to show disbelief or surprise about an action, you can ask a question using ‘how come’.

  • When you ask, “How come he got the job?” you would mean that you cannot believe that they gave the job to somebody like him.

    How Do You Like Them Apples! :

    This idiomatic expression is used to express surprise or shock at something that has happened. It can also be used to boast about something you have done.

    How Long is A Piece of String! :

    If someone has no idea of the answer to a question, they can ask, ‘how long is a piece of string?’ as a way of indicating their ignorance.

    How’s Tricks? :

    This is used as a way of asking people how they are and how things have been going in their life.

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