How to Answer Complaints?

How to Answer Complaints? :

ONE thing, do not be too suspicious of every complaint that comes over your desk. Remember that when the customer wrote his letter, he believed he had cause for doing so, and that the chances are he did have. Remember that most people want to be square with you, that most people are honest and that by far the greater shares of the complaints you get have a real cause at bottom. The fault may not be yours, but that is no reason why you should snap up a man for telling you about it. If you are not to blame, the proper thing to do is to find out where the trouble lies, and help the customer to straighten out the difficulty.

And even though a man seems to have no cause for complaint, be just as good natured about showing him where he is wrong as you would if he had a real grievance against you. Everyone else feels about the same as you do when you get a complaint that appears unjust and unwarranted. Your first impatience prompts you to say to yourself: “Oh, I’ll show this fellow. I’ll let him know that he can’t talk that way to me. I’ll write him a letter that he won’t forget in a month.”

And suppose you do. He gets the letter, reads it and lays you out good and plenty to everyone within hearing distance and fires back your goods. And the remotest chance of ever making a god customer out of him is gone.

But suppose you say to yourself when you get a letter like that: “Now, if this man knew as much about business as I do he wouldn’t make a complaint like this. He writes this way either because he’s ignorant or propriety and business courtesy or because he doesn’t realize that mistakes will happen in the best regulated businesses. So I’ll write him a letter that will wake him up, maybe, to what a business transaction really is. And I’ll do it by giving him an example of cordial business courtesy.” Then just carry out that idea, and you’ll not only feel better about it yourself, but the chances are your attitude will bring back a customer who was ready to slip away at the slightest further provocation.

How to Answer Complaints?