How to Answer Complaints?

How to Answer Complaints? :

ALL genuine complaints can pretty nearly be traced down to two sources: real grievances and misunder standings, the latter often due to ignorance of business methods or requirements. In either case it is up to you to settle the complaint satisfactorily and retain the good will of the customer.

And to do this, there are certain points that you must invariably consider. In the first place, answer promptly.

An immediate reply goes a long way toward impressing a man with your sincere desire to see him satisfied. If he isn’t specific enough in his complaint to enable you to answer fully, write at once for further information. If it is going to take you several days to investigate, write him first and tell him what you are doing. Every day that a complaint hangs over it becomes increasingly hard to handle, while quick attention will preclude many possibilities of future unpleasantness.

Second, take the complaint seriously. For instance, if a man orders twenty reams of paper from you and on receipt of it writes that it is not like the sample he ordered from, don’t say: “Dear Sir: Your eyesight must be going back on you. The paper you ordered is certainly identically the same stock as the sample you named.

Take it to the window and look again.”

If you do that you not only insult his intelligence but you may be getting yourself in bad for there’s just a chance that a mistake was made in the stock or shipping room and that the customer is right.

Better write him something like this.

“Dear Mr. Blake,

We are surprised to learn that the Golden bond does not seem to match exactly the sample from which you ordered. Could you by any chance have gotten this confused with Gordon bond which is right next to it in the sample book? These two lines are very similar in finish and the fact that there is also a similarity in the names has given rise to errors of this kind once of twice before. I wish you would refer to the book and see whether this might be the cause of the discrepancy.

“If it is not and you will send us a sample of the order you received, we will have the trouble looked up here immediately. We are always very careful to check over outgoing stock and see that it is just what is ordered, but we realize that an error might have been made somewhere in the process of packing and shipping and we will be more than glad to correct it.”

See the difference? That not only protects you but it shows the man your serious interest in puttingmatters right.

How to Answer Complaints?