How to Arouse Interest in Our Letter?

How to Arouse Interest in Our Letter? :

SUGGEST that you can help the reader of your letter and you have his attention.

Tell how and you have his interest.

Prove it and you are likely to have his signature.

AGAIN we may take as an example, a letter written by the manufacturer of an electric motor-controlling device who wished to persuade electrical contractors to use his goods:

“Dear Sir,

“I was on board the U.S. Monitor ‘Florida’ when she was hit by a Whitehead torpedo containing 200 pounds of gun-cotton.

“‘A ticklish position,’ you say?

“Not at all. The watertight compartments of the ‘Florida’ are controlled by Ajax Automatic Switches. When the torpedo hit us the Ajax Automatic closed the bulkheads. I felt entirely safe and secure because I knew the Ajax would not fail.”

Here we have war, dynamite and sudden death as the elements of human interest. The writer referred to a subject that had had wide publicity. He added a bit of personal experience, gave his readers some of the inside history of an important event.

Again, a maker of eyewash might say:

“Dear Sir,

“Trouble with your eyes?

“Ten thousand people went blind last year in New York State alone. Over 1,000,000 pairs of eyeglasses were sold. Are your eyes in danger?”

Here we appear to fear—primitive passion.

The whole object of employing the human- interest idea is to lead the reader naturally to the point of view from which we desire him to consider our proposition.

This is important.

In the stern competition of today, any successful sales plan must be given a peculiar, an individual twist. We must accentuate some point of superiority. And then - we must bring our prospective buyer to view the proposition from that angle. This, in cases where one deals with people unfamiliar and with technicalities of our business, can be done best by the introduction of the human-interest element.

How to Arouse Interest in Our Letter?