How to Arouse Interest in Our Letter?

How to Arouse Interest in Our Letter? :

SUGGEST that you can help the reader of your letter and you have his attention.

Tell how and you have his interest.

Prove it and you are likely to have his signature.

THE problem of securing the interest of a man who understands thoroughly the general proposition we have to present, is somewhat more difficult. Quality, price, service and profit are what such a buyer looks at. Human interest can seldom be invoked to hold his attention. But there is a way - “technical interest” we will call it for convenience.

Scattered about the world there remain a few “know-it-alls” to whom technical advances are a fallacy and the march of progress a stampede to ruin. But the generality of men are ready and eager to take advantage of every improvement - watch closely every new development in their trades. In going to a manufacturer with a new machine, a new attachment for use on his product or even a staple material, immediate attention can be gained by attracting to his notice at once your leading point of superiority and explaining it tersely, technically.

If you are writing to an electric light man on the subject of a new incandescent lamp for use on his lines, get right down to cases.

“Dear Sir,

“An efficiency of one watt per candle is guaranteed for the Hilight Lamps, which efficiency is maintained throughout a guaranteed life of 1,000 hours.

“The attached report of tests by the Electrical Testing Laboratories will give you exact, detailed and unprejudiced information on this new unit.”

To the general public, or to anyone unfamiliar with the technicalities of the incandescent lamp business, such an appeal would be unintelligible. To men who know, it is the surest as well as the most direct method of exciting interest.

The danger of an appeal to technical interest lies in the fact that we sometimes give our readers credit for more knowledge than they actually possess. Another, and graver danger is that we are liable to lapse into technical jargon in dealing with everybody, instead of reserving it for the few who know and appreciate.

How to Arouse Interest in Our Letter?