How to Arouse Interest in Our Letter?

How to Arouse Interest in Our Letter? :

SUGGEST that you can help the reader of your letter and you have his attention.

Tell how and you have his interest.

Prove it and you are likely to have his signature.

THERE are, of course, any number of other ways to create real interest - the kind of interest that will carry the reader through your descriptive paragraphs and lead him to the favorable consideration of your proposition.

An appeal to the pocket, a bit of trade news, the citing of a difficulty which is worrying him and which your product or service is designed to overcome - all of these are available.

But be sure that your appeal is to his interest - that you are making the right kind of a personal appeal, just as the man in the high collar tries to get the interest of his more humble working neighbor.

The common error is to ramble along on a subject, which is of interest to yourself, not your prospective customers.

“We have just finished our fine new forty-acre factory,” may be news but it doesn’t touch a vital spot in the man who has been buying for ten years from your competitor with four acres of floor space, who giver personal attention to each order and delivers the goods promptly.

When you have your prospect’s attention, follow your advantage by appealing to his interest - not by talking about yourself, your factory and your product.

“Hit him where he lives,” is slang, but it has a grim significance to the writer of sales letters.

“Hit him where he lives” and his interest will carry him through your paragraphs of description, will lead him straight to your proposition, will put him in a frame of mind to say “yes” when he reads that proposition.

How to Arouse Interest in Our Letter?