How to Create Desire in Business Letter?

How to Create Desire in Business Letter? :

THIS does not mean that we must talk cheapness or claim to offer extravagant values. It does not mean that we must talk price at all. It means simply that we must show the customer where he gains by the purchase.


That word is the foundation stone of all success in salesmanship by mail. Show the prospect how he gains by purchasing—and not alone in money, for fiscal advantage is not always to keynote; but in comfort, satisfaction, well being and happiness. Show the prospect his gain—and prove it.

The fact that a hot water heater is being used by hundreds of householders in my city may be a sound argument as to the popularity of this heater, or the good work of a salesman. But if I am looking for a heater that will save money this argument doesn’t fill by needs nor supply my demands.

However, if the man writing about heaters says, “This heater also saves money by burning pea or No. 1 buckwheat coal and burns from 30% to 60% less of it than any other steam or hot water heater yet shown on the patent records,” this line of argument fits into my ideas exactly.

A real estate man of my acquaintance sent out four letters describing the beauties of his sub-division, the select neighborhood, the excellence of the houses sold on easy payments; and all those letters failed.

The fifth letter was a success, brought inquiries and developed business. The secret of that success was in the following paragraphs.

“You pay rent, do you not? Suppose you applied that same check towards a home or your own. You would not be paying out any more money, and at the end of a few years, instead of being the owner of a pile of musty receipts, you would be the owner of a fine house and lot. “Here are the figures. Prove to yourself that it can be done.”

How to Create Desire in Business Letter?